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Things were going well for Val and Kiran. They had a comfortable home in the countryside, a steady business that took them all over the kingdom and a small circle of loyal friends to return to after their long trips. Sure they were a bit of an odd father and son pair in the eyes of the villagers, but their trade was in need and people liked them for being good-natured and obliging. Perhaps Kiran’s affinity with living creatures was uncommon, though in truth he had always been a little different. Amiable and caring, but not exactly open about himself. His birth was shrouded in mystery and his father seemed to enjoy watching people rack their brain trying to solve it. It was a good thing folk were practical and, generally, more interested in their knowledge and skill with medicine than their peculiarities.

On a beautiful autumn evening, while father and son had business in the capital, a small incident set off a chain of events that would entwine their future paths with those of two Royal Guards and turn their peaceful life upside down. And if that were not bad enough, one of the guards is very distrustful of Kiran and the other is all too friendly. And both are too sharp for comfort.

A new journey, new acquaintances, resentments, secrets and a war that is about to break. Will Val and Kiran be able to return to their former life?

And what is the meaning of the son’s strange dreams, anyway?…